A Unique Name and History Since 1816

Our family story began on 10 May 1816 when Joseph Grégoire Lieubeau was found as a child in the porch of Hôtel Dieu, the hospital in Nantes. The name “lieu-beau” (meaning “beautiful place”) was probably given to him in reference to the hospital’s excellent reputation and hospitality.

Joseph Lieubeau was raised by a winegrowing family from whom he learned the art of caring for a vineyard. He started our family and founded our wine estate.

Famille Lieubeau - Acte

The Child in a Hat – A Symbol of Our Values

The Famille Lieubeau emblem is a child in a hat. It symbolizes the family’s history and our deeply rooted connection with Nantes, as well as our utter respect for nature and diversity, and our constant desire to learn, create and move forward.

Famille Lieubeau - Chapeau

Complementarity and Continuity

Today, the family story continues with Pierre, Chantal and their children François, Vincent and Marie. Thanks to the family’s combination of complementary personalities, experience and skills, the transmission of its savoir-faire and the continuation of its viticultural excellence are guaranteed.

François, the eldest son, is in charge of sales. Vincent, a qualified agronomic engineer and oenologist, manages the vineyard and the wines, with the help of his father Pierre. And last but not least, Marie manages the everyday running of the winery and visits, alongside her mother Chantal.

Famille Lieubeau - Famille

An Open and Welcoming Extended Family

Each of our team members, harvesters and seasonal workers, as well as our partners and loyal customers, are, for us, part of this great family. Respect for others, trust, openness and hospitality are values that we actively uphold.

Famille Lieubeau - Bassin

200 Years of History Shared Between Nantes and its Vineyards

On 2 May 2016, we celebrated our 200th anniversary at the Stéréolux venue, in the Gallery of the Machines de l’Ile in Nantes. This was an opportunity for us to bring all of this extended family together and to present our new wine collection Le Voyage Extraordinaire – which pays tribute to Nantes-born author Jules Verne – and to perpetuate the ties between the city of Nantes and its wine region.

Famille Lieubeau - 200ans