Honored to read the lines of Manuel Peyrondet, best sommelier of France 2008, published by Chais d’oeuvre, best online website of the Grands Prix de la Revue du vin de France 2023:

“A huge slap in the face in tasting, perhaps one of the most beautiful discoveries of the Loire! It is in the heart of the terroirs of high pedigree of the region, in the western part of the most beautiful crus communaux that the wines of the Lieubeau Family are born. A family estate, run organically, whose heritage of melon de Bourgogne is based on granites and gneiss. These terroirs, including the famous Goulaine, Clisson and Château-Thébaud, forge Muscadet with great texture, whose we love the contrasts: salt, freshness, fullness. This property makes the melon de Bourgogne shine as few do and the region certainly finds in this estate, an exceptional qualitative relay!”