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Famille Lieubeau - Folle Blanche

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Folle Blanche

Famille Lieubeau - Vigneron Indepependant
Appellation AOP Gros Plant du Pays Nantais
Colour White
Bedrock Granite
Grape variety Folle Blanche
Vineyard 50-year-old vines. Short pruning. Vineyard with grass cover. Trellising and deleafing of vines.
Winemaking & Ageing Pressing in a pneumatic press and selection of musts. Cold settling. Fermented at low temperatures and bottled before Christmas.
Food-wine pairings Oysters, ceviche, sushi.

As a tribute to Joseph Gregoire, the first Lieubeau, who was left abandoned as an orphan in the porch of the hospital in Nantes in 1816, our emblem is a child wearing a hat, a symbol of family history and nature. The Folle Blanche variety is historic to the Nantes region. Planted near the Atlantic, it produces a lemony, saline and mineral wine that is ideal with oysters.